Gov’t MP Warmington walks out of Integrity Commission Oversight Committee meeting, following heated exchange

There was a heated exchange during this morning’s (July 25) meeting of the Integrity Commission Oversight Committee, which ended with South West St. Catherine Member of Parliament, Everald Warmington walking out of the sitting.

The disruption came after the MP raised questions about Director of Corruption Prevention, Ryan Evans, who he claimed was an advisor to former People’s National Party President, Dr. Peter Phillips.

This is the second time that Mr Warmington has raised the issue, having posed the question to Executive Director of the Integrity Commission, Greg Christie about whether or not he had hired a politically connected individual at the Commission.

At that meeting, Committee Chairman Edmund Bartlett instructed Mr. Warmington not to pursue that line of questioning.

Speaking at today’s meeting, Mr. Bartlett again indicated that the Committee has a duty to be just and to not make assumptions that could be damaging to individuals.

Mr. Warmington then exited the meeting.

In response, Mr. Bartlett said he would not condone unparliamentary behaviour.

Meantime, Committee Member and Opposition MP for South East St. Andrew, Julian Robinson added that Mr. Warmington’s comments were impugning the character of the Integrity Commission Director.


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