Gov’t facilitated safe return of 36 Haitians who landed in Portland on Saturday

The Government has facilitated the safe return of 36 Haitians who landed in Portland on Saturday (September 9).

The group, which represents the second set of Haitians to arrive on Portland’s shores in the last two months, fled their homeland in search of better opportunities.

Haiti has been facing political instability and civil unrest for several months.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister this morning, outlined that upon the Haitians’ arrival on Saturday, the necessary measures were implemented to ensure their safety and welfare.

It noted that following the completion of immigration checks and security vetting, the group was denied entry.

From the vetting process it was found that there were members who had been previously removed from Jamaica for breaches of entry.

The Governments of Jamaica and Haiti are in dialogue, and arrangements have been made with the relevant authorities in that country to facilitate the group’s safe return.

Meantime, the Government of Jamaica with help from its partners, continues to provide support to the group of 37 Haitians who arrived in Jamaica on July 10 and subsequently applied for asylum.


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