Gov’t doubles down on stance that move to make Portmore a parish not strategy to win political points

The ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has doubled down on its stance that the move to make Portmore a parish was never intended as a strategy to win political points.

The matter, which is now a sore point between the JLP and the Opposition People’s National Party was again brought to the fore at the JLP’s Central Executive meeting in Kingston on Sunday.

Speaking with IRIE FM news following the meeting, JLP Chairman Robert Montague, said with the country evolving economically, socially and culturally, his party must make strategic changes to enhance the development of areas like Portmore.

He maintained that Portmore requires changes in definition and management to further its development.

He also stressed that party leader, Andrew Holness, would never seek to use the people of Portmore for narrow political objectives.

In the meantime, Member of Parliament for St. Catherine South, Fitz Jackson again lambasted the Government for using Portmore as a political ploy.

He accused the Government of not outlining the benefits Portmore would enjoy, following its designation as a parish.


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