Gov’t denies any intention to displace residents of Central Kingston

The government has denied any intention to displace residents of Central Kingston. 

This after reports suggested that the government plans on displacing residents in the area in an effort to rebuild the community following a fire on James Street and Smith Lane, in August last year. 

Dozens of people were left homeless.

According to a statement from the  Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation following the incident, Prime Minister and Minister of Housing Andrew Holness and other government officials visited the site. 

He reportedly committed to rebuilding and rehousing the affected families, with a plan to acquire necessary properties for housing development.

According to the ministry, a joint site visit was subsequently undertaken on Thursday, August 18, 2022, to assess the extent of fire damage to commence planning for the replacement of the affected housing units. 

It noted that the plan also included acquiring 29 James Street, a vacant building posing a security risk.

The ministry said the Member of Parliament has informed residents about the government’s acquisition and rehousing plan.

It further stated that it is initiating discussions with the MP to schedule a meeting with affected families and residents, in the first week of January next year, to discuss comprehensive redevelopment plans for the area.


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