Gov’t considering temporary suspension of the enforcement of some traffic offences

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government is considering temporarily suspending enforcement of some traffic offences and removing certain offences from the traffic ticket management system.

The update comes amidst concerns expressed by some members of the public about issues with the regulations for the new Road Traffic Act.

The concerns include being unfairly ticketed for using cell phones while driving and applying demerit points for some offences.

Mr. Holness says the final deliberation on the amendments will be undertaken by an operationalization committee, which will be established to steer the plan’s development.

A completed list of amendments is expected to be brought to parliament within the next 2 months.

Meantime, the Prime Minister notes that the constabulary force has issued new directives to police officers, regarding when a driver can be prosecuted for cell phone usage.

In an advisory today, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) noted that drivers should only be prosecuted if the device is in their hands or if they are actively engaging with it.

This means drivers can be prosecuted if they use a device while in a live traffic lane, even if they stopped at a traffic light. In addition, mounted devices displaying live images can lead to prosecution.

The police high command also noted that it has taken steps to rectify misapplications of the law, through internal communications and guidance to officers.

It said cops who fail to adhere to the new guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action.


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