Gov’t condemns any attempt to intimidate, threaten or harm media workers; PNP apologizes for rape threat allegedly made by supporter

The Government says it strongly condemns any attempt to intimidate, threaten or harm media workers while they carry out their duties.


This follows allegations that a journalist was threatened with rape, during a protest at the People’s National Party (PNP)’s headquarters, last evening (May 8).


An audio recording of the alleged incident has been circulating on social media.


There are also allegations that media workers were threatened and ousted from the compound for asking questions, and for wearing green outfits.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, Information Minister, Robert Morgan said these alleged actions represent a serious attack on press freedom and require swift and decisive action against those responsible.


Noting that the alleged incident reportedly occurred in the presence of senior PNP officials, Mr. Morgan called on those who were present to report those responsible for the alleged rape threat.

Meantime, the Opposition People’s National Party has expressed deep concern over last evening’s incident at its headquarters.


Spokesperson on Information, Donna Scott-Mottley said the entire affair is regrettable, adding that the Party tenders its unreserved apologies to the media workers and the public at large.


Meanwhile, PNP General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell has sought to make it clear that the PNP does not condone acts of intimidation.

Dr. Campbell, who noted that journalists should not be deterred from carrying out their duties, also sought to give an explanation as to why journalists’ questions were not answered at last evening’s meeting.




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