Government to focus on crime for 2023

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government will focus on tackling Jamaica’s crime rate this year.

In his new year’s message the prime minister explains that this will be done through legislative changes.

According to the prime minister, there were positive results in fighting crime last year and this will be maintained in 2023.

He says the changes to laws will send a stern message to violence producers, that law enforcement and the justice system, are not revolving doors.

Mr Holness says the security forces are increasing their surveillance, intelligence, and operational capabilities, to detect and recover illegal firearms and those using or possessing them.

He notes, that this means, the rate of arrest for illegal firearm offenses will increase.

The prime minister is urging the nation’s young men who are both the perpetrators and victims of gun crimes, to turn away from guns.

He asks them to do so, noting that the likelihood of them being arrested and taken out of society for at least 15 years, due to the new firearms act, is increasing daily.


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