Government tables correct regulations for St. Catherine SOE

“Someone has to be held accountable for this grievous mistake.” That assurance came from National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang as he addressed the special sitting of the lower house today when the correct regulations for the State of Emergency (SOE) for St. Catherine were tabled.


Today’s special sitting was called after the minister realized that the correct regulations were not tabled on Tuesday.


The minister said the corrected regulations tabled today, reflect changes made, to align with court rulings, relating to states of emergency, following recent challenges, on the grounds of constitutional breaches.


An investigation has been launched into what led to the incorrect regulations being tabled, on Tuesday.



Dr. Chang noted that something in the process went wrong after the regulations were signed by the Governor-General.



Meanwhile, persons held by the security forces in St. Catherine since last Friday when the security measure was declared, are not being detained under SOE regulations.


Dr. Chang said those detained are being held under the constabulary force legislation.



When the opposition pointed out that the detention of persons under other legislation is proof that the SOE isn’t necessary, Dr. Chang said the decision is an operational one, taken by the police.






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