Government still seeking to bring to court relatives of persons abandoned at hospitals

There has been a delay in the Health and Wellness Ministry’s efforts to take before the court, families who have abandoned their relatives in hospitals, although they have the resources to take care of them.


Late last year, Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton indicated that as of January 2022, the Government would begin the process of filing civil suits against such persons.


At that time he said there were 174 social cases in hospitals across the island, with no contact from relatives.


Social cases refer to patients who have been released but remain in hospital because they have nowhere else to go.


Some persons have remained in hospital for up to seven years.


Speaking with IRIE FM news Dr Tufton said discussions on the matter continue.

Dr Tufton said persons have been transferred to infirmaries.

Dr Tufton had indicated that by filing the civil suits, the intention is to test these cases to get the courts’ opinion and then explore, where possible, an adjustment in policy or law to hold those persons more accountable.


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