Government says all in place to phase out use of incandescent bulbs

Energy Minister Daryl Vaz, says all is in place to implement the ministry’s plans, to phase-out the use of incandescent light bulbs, starting April 1.

Following full implementation, energy efficient LED bulbs will replace the less efficient incandescent ones for household and business needs.

Mr Vaz says the switch will greatly benefit Jamaica, as citizens can save up to 80% of their lighting- related electricity costs with LEDs.

He notes further, that the phase-out could save Jamaicans $1.4 billion cumulatively on utility bills in the first year.

Minister Vaz says the policy would also lead to other benefits for Jamaica, including progress towards a more sustainable energy future.

While the phase out of incandescent bulb imports will begin on April 1, this year, businesses will be allowed one year, until April 1, 2024, to deplete their existing inventory of incandescent light bulbs before complying with the new regulations.


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