Government making enquiries after 6 Jamaicans prevented from boarding flights in Panama

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it is making enquiries of the Panamanian government, following reports that some 6 Jamaicans travelling to various destinations through Panama, were refused boarding on their connecting flights, on Saturday.

In a twitter post, on Sunday morning, portfolio minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, said her ministry has been advised that the Jamaicans were not being deported, but were not allowed to board the flight due to the airline’s refusal.

She said the relevant airline was not forthcoming, on the reasons for refusal.

Senator Johnson Smith added that the Jamaican nationals were not landed and were required to remain at the airport, until the next return flight to the island, on Sunday.

She said the ministry has also started to make enquiries of the dutch government, as the nationals were next due to travel to the Netherlands.

The foreign minister is encouraging the affected Jamaicans, to lodge formal complaints, by contacting the ministry.


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