Government launches investigation to determine protocols for school devotions, following Oberlin High incident

The Education Ministry says it has launched an investigation to help determine the protocols for school devotional exercises.

This follows the early dismissal of classes at the St. Andrew-based Oberlin High school on Wednesday, after a series of events which started in the school’s devotion and led to a disruption of normal activities.

In a release, Education Minister Fayval Williams said while the ministry encourages devotion in schools, school leaders have a responsibility to exercise caution as to the content and likely impact on students.

According to the ministry, the school administration reported that during the devotional exercise, a teacher who was leading the worship had an experience that included an extended period of “speaking in tongues” and which triggered a chain reaction of similar expression among some students.

It’s reported that some students reportedly became overwhelmed, some falling to the ground.

Other students and teachers attempted to bring calm to the situation, including praying with the affected children while some were taken to the school nurse’s office.

After the devotion students were sent to classes.

The school reported that the heightened agitated environment led some students to express being afraid and others showed what was described as “abnormal behaviour”.

The administration said given the circumstances school was dismissed at 10:00 a.m. And students were allowed to leave except for those on PATH who were allowed to stay on the compound to collect their lunches.


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