Government fails to have SOEs extended as opposition senators vote against resolution

The governments bid to extend the States of Public Emergency, SOEs failed, as opposition senators voted against the resolution, this afternoon (November 25).

The government was seeking to have the measures continue over the Yuletide season until January 14, next year.

For the resolution to have been effected, it needed at least one opposition senator to vote for it.

Senate President Tom Tavares Finson announced the vote results.

And prior to the vote on the request to extend the States of Public Emergency, Opposition Senators today stood firm in their resolve to not support the extension.

The opposition senators again raised concern about the SOEs violating constitutional rights, and about the governments unwillingness to collaborate with the opposition, on other initiatives aimed at tackling crime.

Speaking in the Upper House this afternoon, Opposition Senator Lambert Brown noted that the security forces can use the resources they already have to conduct intelligence driven investigations and operations to go after the over 300 alleged criminals on the radar.

He chastised the government for blaming the opposition about the decision to not support the extension.

Senator Brown pointed out that, the government does not need the opposition to impose the SOE only to extend it, therefore, if the government sees the need for a SOE, its free to continuously impose them every 2 weeks.

And, Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the Upper House, Senator Donna Scott Motley, who is also the Opposition Spokesperson on Justice, pointed out that there must also be consideration for persons whose lives are destroyed by a SOE.

Mrs. Scott Mottley said the opposition is willing to work with the government to resolve concerns about the SOE and accompanying regulations.

She also called for the government to table the enhanced security measures legislation.

Despite continued claims by the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, that the States of Emergency are unconstitutional, the government has sought to assure that this is not the case.

Speaking in the Upper House today, Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Kamina Johnson Smith, said there has been no such ruling from the court.

As it relates to the SOE regulations, Mrs. Johnson Smith said the opposition submitted their concerns in writing, and they were taken into consideration.

She added that concerns noted by the judiciary in the two matters before the court, have also been taken into account.

Mrs. Johnson Smith also sought to rubbish the opposition‘s claim that there is an over reliance on the states of emergency.


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