Government confirms existence of Usain Bolt’s account at SSL

The ministry of finance has released a statement confirming the existence of Usain Bolt’s account at Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL.

This, after former managerial staff at the entity said they were unaware of the renowned athlete having an account there.

SSL is the centre of a multi-million dollar probe in which bolt and several other people, many of them elderly, were allegedly defrauded of sums they had invested.

In a statement today, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke said the temporary manager of SSL, who was appointed by the financial services commission, has confirmed to him, the existence of an account at SSL in the name of a limited liability company owned by Usain Bolt.

Dr Clarke said the temporary manager also confirmed that the account dates back to 2012.

The athlete’s attorney last week wrote to SSL demanding the repayment of millions of dollars taken from his client’s account within ten days or face legal action.

Linton Gordon, said up to October 2022, Bolts account had over US$12 million, but has been depleted to just over US$12,000.


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