Government awaiting position from Attorney General before taking legal action against families of social cases

Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton says the Government is awaiting a definitive position from the Attorney General before taking legal action against families who have abandoned relatives at hospitals.

Last year, Dr. Tufton announced that the Government would be taking legal action against these relatives early this year. However, that has not been done.

Earlier this week, the Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA) appealed to relatives to collect their family members who have been released from hospital care in St James, Trelawny, Hanover and Westmoreland.

The WRHA said overcrowding is severely impacting the public health response, due to beds being taken up by these persons, classified as social cases.

There are currently 100 social cases across the western region.

In giving an update this morning on the plans for legal action, Dr. Tufton said the Government may not be able to pursue the matter at that level.

Dr. Tufton said the move is not to target these patients but to hold relatives accountable.


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