Government announces increase for pensioners, minimum wage earners and security guards

Pensioners will be getting an increase, effective April 1.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness in parliament on Thursday.

The new weekly pension payment ranges from $3,000 to $4, 200, depending on the category the pensioner falls in.

He explained that the increase is being made possible following reforms of the National Insurance Scheme, NIS, and the National Insurance Fund, (NIF).

Meanwhile, effective June 1, minimum wage earners and industrial security guards will be getting an increase in pay.

In a surprise diversion from convention, the prime minister announced the minimum wage increase on Thursday, instead of the labour minister.

Mr. Holness said workers will get $13,000 per week, up from $9000.

And, guards will get 14 thousand dollars, per week, up from $10, 500.

Mr Holness also indicated that, when the next increase is implemented, the differentiation between workers and guards, will be discontinued.


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