Government and public sector teachers expected to acheive favourable wage agreement

Expectations are high for the government and public sector-teachers, to come to a favourable agreement, for wages and other benefits.

Secretary general of the Jamaica Teachers Association, Dr Mark Nicely, has indicated, that a meeting with the finance ministry last week, was fruitful.

Speaking at the JTA pre-conference church service on Sunday, Dr Nicely said, the educators will get an update on the matter during the conference.

The JTA conference is being held in Montego-Bay St James, from today through to Wednesday, under the theme, “Revisiting the foundation: building our human capital, through equitable, educational opportunities”.

In recent weeks, there has been raging public debate, on the issue of teacher migration, against the background of educators seeking better opportunities overseas. There are also claims that the government does not pay teachers enough or provide enough resources.

Teachers are among several public sector workers, who have been in disagreement with the government, over wage negotiations, with previous offers from the finance ministry, being rejected.


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