Government allocates $25 million for trucking water to Hanover and Westmoreland

The government has allocated $25 million for the next six weeks to facilitate the trucking of water in Hanover and Westmoreland.

This, following recent protests due to a lack of the commodity.

Water Minister Senator Matthew Samuda says the allocation is a part of several steps being taken to alleviate the water shortage in the parishes.

On April 4, Mr. Samuda met with tourism and other stakeholders from Hanover and Westmoreland, to address the water shortage due to severe drought in the areas.

Following that meeting, he noted that government has allocated the additional 25 million to facilitate trucking of water.

He said government has also identified funds to purchase 2,000 black water tanks for citizens in Hanover and Westmoreland who are most in need, and those will be distributed as soon as the purchase and the delivery take place.

The minister emphasized that chronic drought is being experienced in the area and that the government empathizes with the citizens who are feeling the impacts.

Meantime, he noted that the Great River water system in Hanover, as well as several other systems in Westmoreland will be upgraded to improve water delivery.

The Minister added that the government is to undertake $70 million worth of pipework in the areas, starting later this year.

Meantime, Acting President of the National Water Commission (NWC), Kevin Kerr, said water will be transferred from the Great River water system in Hanover into Green Island and Lucea, to minimize the need to distribute water from the Logwood treatment plant, as a medium-term solution.


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