Golding’s debate speech ends abruptly as JLP members stage walk out

Tuesday’s budget debate session came to an abrupt end after members of the governing Jamaica Labour Party walked out of the house, following comments by opposition leader Mark Golding about House Speaker and wife of the prime minister, Juliet Holness.

Mr. Golding was nearing the end of his contribution to the debate, when he began to talk about the low trust environment.

He pointed out that having the wife of the prime minster as the House Speaker goes against the tradition of having an independent speaker.

Following those remarks from Mr. Golding, Prime Minister Andrew Holness walked out of the house, followed by other government members.

Then, there were tense exchanges between some opposition members and government member Everald Warmington who initially left the house, but returned.

Deputy House speaker, Heroy Clarke, who was presiding over Thursday’s session, then noted that due to the lack of a quorum, the house would be adjourned.

The People’s National Party only has 14 members of parliament; the quorum is 16.



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