Golding urges government not to withhold any support from Jamaican students in Cuba impacted by Ian

Opposition leader Mark Golding is urging the prime minister to not withhold any support that Jamaican students in Cuba may need, in the aftermath of hurricane Ian.

Western Cuba was hit on Tuesday by the then category 3 hurricane, Ian, causing 2 deaths and leaving thousands of citizens without electricity, as well as damage to infrastructure and crops.

In a statement today, Mr Golding said as Cuba goes into its recovery phase, the People’s National Party stands in solidarity with the neighbouring island, and prays that the nation will band together in this difficult time and heal from the emotional and economic toll the tragedy has caused.

He said the PNP also expressed confidence in the will and strength of the Cuban people to build back stronger and called on the entire Caribbean community to lend a helping hand to Cuba. 

Mr Golding added that the PNP is concerned for the welfare of Cuban residents and Jamaican students studying in Cuba.

He is calling on the government to continue to check on the welfare of the Jamaican students in Cuba who are being adversely affected by the natural disaster.


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