Golding says walk out by government members will impact opposition’s participation in remaining debate presentations

Opposition Leader Mark Golding says Tuesday’s walk out by members of the governing Jamaica Labour Party, during the budget debate will impact the opposition’s participation in the remaining presentations.

Mr Golding was forced to finish his budget presentation outside Gordon House following the walk out which was prompted by comments made about the appointment of Juliet Holness as Speaker of the House.

Speaking at an impromptu press briefing at the PNP headquarters on Tuesday evening, Mr Golding said he was not able to complete his presentation which sought to highlight issues which are very important to the country.

He said the government did not want to hear the truth.

Meantime, while registering his disapproval of Mrs Holness’ appointment as Speaker of the House, Mr Golding said the decision regarding whether or not she resigns is up to her and the prime minister.

When asked why the opposition did not oppose the appointment of Mrs Holness earlier, Mr Golding said the opposition was prepared to work with her prior to her actions regarding the tabling of several reports.


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