Golding hits back at criticism about comments relating to the tabling of reports in Parliament

Opposition Leader Mark Golding has hit back at criticism about his comments relating to the tabling of reports in Parliament.

Mr. Golding maintains that at least 2 reports from the Auditor General are yet to be tabled.

His comment follows a statement from the Integrity Commission that all its reports submitted to Parliament have been tabled, contrary to claims made by the opposition.

It also follows claims by Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Horace Chang that there is no report outstanding neither from the integrity commission nor the Auditor General. 

In a post on social media last evening, Mr. Golding pointed out that last year the current House speaker Juliet Holness, made a ruling that certain Integrity Commission reports must be sent to Parliament’s Integrity Commission Oversight Committee for review, before those reports are tabled in the Parliament and become available to the public. 

Mr. Golding said the opposition disagrees with that ruling, which departs from previously established practice and impedes the prompt publication of important information that is required for transparent and accountable governance. 

He said despite the controversy that her ruling has caused, the Speaker has not withdrawn or changed that ruling.

Mr. Golding added that the speaker also refused to release to parliamentarians and the public the legal opinion on which she purported to relied on in making that ruling, despite having been requested to do so on several occasions by the opposition.

He said there are currently two reports from the auditor general that were sent to Parliament in January, and it is now mid March but they have not yet been tabled.

Mr. Golding said these are issues he complained about, in relation to the conduct of the Speaker of the House since her appointment.

He said at no time did he suggest that there is any Integrity Commission report that has been sent to parliament and is yet to be tabled.


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