Golding again stresses concern about sustainability of SOEs as a policing tool

Opposition leader Mark Golding has again expressed concern about the sustainability of the use of states of emergency, SOEs as a policing tool.

This, in response to yesterday’s declaration of SOEs for St. Ann, Clarendon, St. Catherine, specified areas of Kingston and St. Andrew, St. James, Westmoreland and Hanover.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness claimed, the security measure is necessary, as the country’s crime rate had increased, since the expiration of the last SOEs on November 29.

Speaking in response to the SOEs, the opposition leader said, the prime minister made no attempt to consult with the opposition on the matter.

He said SOEs are just about detention, which is not a sustainable strategy, for reducing violent crime.

The opposition leader said SOEs encourage sloppy law enforcement practices, while noting that Jamaicans are not in support of the measure, especially in the yuletide season.

Meantime, Mr Golding expressed concern about some aspects of the SOE regulations tabled in parliament.

He said while a strong security presence should be maintained in communities, that are facing high levels of violence, the use of soldiers and police in this way is permitted by normal laws, and does not require the use of SOEs.


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