Gloves worn by Evander Holyfield during heavyweight title fight in1997 vs Mike Tyson sold

The  gloves worn by Evander “real deal” Holyfield during the infamous world heavyweight title fight in 1997 where mike Tyson bit off a portion of his ear have been sold at an auction.

The red Everlast gloves worn by the 1984 Olympic light-heavyweight bronze medalist fetched  a  price  of  $38,704.

A rematch for the title was ordered in June 1997 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, but it was called off  after Tyson bit both of Holyfield’s ears, the second time ripping off a portion of flesh.

Following the incident, Tyson had his boxing license revoked by the Nevada State Athletic Commission – which was reinstated 15 months later – and was fined $3 million 

Despite the incident causing a rift between them that lasted many years, the two later reconciled and had been rumored to contest another rematch in 2021.

However, that never materialized after Tyson’s camp allegedly turned down a $25 million  proposal for the fight.



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