Gas prices down this week

Motorists are seeing a decrease in gas prices today.

The latest billing list from Petrojam indicates that the cost of a litre of E10 87 and 90 Gasoline have gone down by $0.09 each.

Automotive Diesel Oil and Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel are now being sold for $0.25 less, per litre.

Additionally, the cost of Propane LPG has reduced by $2.43, while Butane LPG has gone down by $2.62 a litre.

The only product seeing a price hike is Kerosene, which has increased by $1.23 per litre. 

Petrojam said the price adjustment reflects changes in market dynamics and may impact consumers and businesses alike.

Retailers and marketing companies have adjusted the prices stated by Petrojam. 


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