Future Fambo says he has diabetes; dismisses drug rumour

Following his rapid weight loss, Dancehall artist Future Fambo was forced to dismiss rumours suggesting he is on illegal drugs.

The “Rum and Red Bull” hitmaker revealed this morning (Oct 6) via his official Instagram account, that he’s battling diabetes and is not on drugs.

Future Fambo shared a video of himself and another individual, while deejaying a string of his songs including his 1994 hit “Kung Fu”. In the caption, the Dancehall deejay said, “I know I lost nuff pounds, and it may look a way.” He also explained that he has diabetes. In another post, he said he will e going live later this evening so his children and family can see that he’s okay.

While Future Fambo has not confirmed the type of diabetes he has, according to research, it is common for persons with Type 1 diabetics to experience uncontrolled weight loss.

Future Fambo’s mother, Ms Phoebe Henry, who suffered from diabetes, was laid to rest in January this year.


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