Full court rules that extension of DPP’s tenure in 2020 was legal

The full court has ruled that the extension of the tenure of the Director of Public Prosecution in 2020 was legal.

The court handed down the decision in the case brought by Mervin Cameron who was challenging the legality of the extension under which DPP Paula Llewellyn remained in office for three more years.

The matter is in relation to an application for an injunction and constitutional and other declaratory orders against the Governor General’s decision to grant an extension to the tenure of the DPP, beyond the age of sixty.

Cameron who filed the suit, contended that the extension granted to the DPP was illegal and that she has been acting in the post illegally for the past three years.

The three-year extension expires in September.

Justice Lorna Shelly-Williams read the judgement.

The other members of the full court are Mrs Justice Andrea Pettigrew-Collins and Mrs Justice Simone Wolfe-Reece.

The judgement on Monday comes as controversy brews over amendments to the constitution to move the age of retirement for the DPP to 65, with the option for an extension to 70 years


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