Fourth phase of single-use plastic ban pushed back to July 1

The fourth phase of the ban on single-use plastic has been delayed by a month.

The ban was set to take effect today (June 1) but has been pushed back until July 1.

At that time, the importation, distribution, sale, or use of any single-use plastic food container, made wholly, or in part, of polyethylene, polypropylene, or polylactic acid will be prohibited.

This ban, however, excludes related transparent plastic lids, until environmentally friendly alternatives become available.

Existing stock, imported before this date will be exempt.

This phase of the ban targets single-use plastic food containers, as well as personal care and cosmetic products, containing intentionally added, plastic micro-beads or micro-plastics.

In a statement, Environment Minister, Matthew Samuda noted that the Government is advancing its efforts to safeguard human health and the environment, with the implementation of the fourth phase of the ban on specific types of single-use plastic products.

He said the Government has, however, acknowledged concerns from stakeholders and decided to extend the implementation period by an additional month to fine-tune administrative arrangements, facilitate further stakeholder engagement, and ramp up additional public education.


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