Four persons charged in relation to alleged abuse of children at facility in St Elizabeth

Four persons have been arrested and charged in relation to the alleged abuse of some American children at the Atlantis Leadership Academy in St. Elizabeth. 

They are: 39 year-old Eddison Morris of Great Bay district; 51 year-old Courtney Wiggan of Sandy Bank district; 31 year-old Odane Maxwell of Holland Village district; and 33 year-old Carson Cox of Sandy Bank district, all in St. Elizabeth.

The 4 are facing charges of assault occasioning bodily harm, cruelty to a child and assault at common law.

Police said a fifth person was also taken into custody, however his identity is being withheld, pending further investigations.

Reports are that allegations of abuse came to light during an unannounced welfare check at the Atlantis facility, in February, which was carried out by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) and representatives from the U S Embassy.

Afterwards, 8 teen boys, aged 14 to 18 years, were removed from the facility and placed into the custody of the CPFSA.

The 18 year old boy was returned to the USA, while the other 7 boys were placed in residential child care homes.

Relatives of the remaining boys are seeking to have them returned to the USA.

US based activist against the troubled teen industry, Paris Hilton, has joined in the effort to get the boys home, and to put an end to the operations of facilities such as Atlantis.


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