Four charged for gun seized at St. James beach

The St. James police have charged three men and a woman with breaches of the Firearms Act in relation to an incident that occurred at a beach in Montego Bay today (April 1).

Charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and unauthorized possession of ammunition are:

 26-year- Kenroy Gayle, otherwise called ‘Keneil’, a steward of Cunningham Drive, Granville, St. James

 28-year-old Shaquille Williams, otherwise called ‘Shakur’, a deliveryman of Fuller District, Granville, St. James

 19-year-old Tian Blake, otherwise called ‘Tom’, of Gunns Drive, Granville, St. James

 23-year-old Shian-Lee Bennett, otherwise called ‘Lee’, a supervisor of Church Lane, in Paradise, Norwood

Reports are that at about 12:20 AM, a police team was in the area when they saw a Nissan AD Wagon motor car entering the beach compound.

The lawmen were walking towards the vehicle to address the driver who was blocking the entrance gate of the beach, but as the officers approached, the four began to behave in a manner that aroused the cops’ suspicion.

The four were accosted and searched and a search of the vehicle was also conducted.

During the search, a Canik Elite pistol with a magazine containing ten 9mm rounds was found under the rear seat of the motor car. All four persons were taken into custody.

They were charged after they were interviewed in the presence of their attorneys.

Their court date has not been finalized.


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