Former Westmoreland Central MP, Dwayne Vaz says he is not among 6 parliamentarians being investigated for illicit enrichment

Former Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Central, Dwayne Vaz says he is not among the 6 parliamentarians being investigated by the Integrity Commission (IC) for illicit enrichment.

Yesterday, the Integrity Commission determined that Mr. Vaz should be charged for breaching the Integrity Commission Act due to reported failure to provide information.

This was stated in a ruling from the IC’s Director of Corruption Prosecution, which was tabled in the Lower House.

Following that report, there were questions in the public domain about whether or not Mr. Vaz was among the illicit six, despite claims by Opposition leader Mark Golding, that none of his party members were being investigated. 

Speaking to IRIE FM news this morning, Mr. Vaz said the IC stated that the ‘illicit six’ are being investigated for illicit enrichment but his case is about non filing of documents. 

Mr. Vaz said since yesterday he has been trying to clarify the situation. 

He said it is very sad and disheartening that he could be charged for non-submission of documents which he submitted and which he has proof that he submitted. 


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