Former SSL employee Jean Ann Panton denied bail

Former employee of  fraud-hit Stocks and Securities Limited, Jean Ann Panton was denied bail when she appeared in the Home Circuit Court Friday morning.

Ms. Panton has been charged with Larceny as a servant, Forgery, Uttering forged documents, Breaches of the Proceeds of Crime Act  and the Cyber Crimes Act . Bail application which began last week Friday, was put off until today to facilitate the presentation of further documents by the defense.

The defense had been instructed by the presiding judge to provide a medical report that would support claims that Ms. Panton who appeared in court in a wheelchair is immobile.

However, when Ms. Panton’s attorney Tameka Harris presented the requested report, the judge upon review, said it was not enough to prove the claims and therefore could not grant bail at  this time.

The case is set for mention on April 19,  while  a plea and case  management hearing is scheduled for  June 15.


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