Former Senator Leslie Campbell counters claims by IC about his statutory declaration, calls for review of decision that he be charged

Former Government Senator, Leslie Campbell, has called for an urgent review of the Integrity Commission’s decision that he be charged for his failure to provide information relating to his statutory declaration.


In a ruling tabled in the Senate yesterday (June 30), the Commission said its Director of Corruption Prosecution reviewed the report on Mr Campbell.


It noted that upon careful consideration, it was determined that the former Senator be charged with breaching the Integrity Commission Act.


This relates to failure to provide the information requested by the Director of Information and Complaints.


The Commission alleged that Mr Campbell failed to provide the requested information without reasonable cause, in respect of the statutory declarations he submitted for the period between February 25, 2016, and September 15, 2020.


However, in a statement, Mr Campbell expressed shock at the Commission’s decision.


He explained that the Commission continues to request the surrender value for an insurance policy -Guardian Life Care Plus -which, he said has no surrender value.


Mr Campbell said he will await contact by the Commission’s Director of Information and Complaints for further dialogue on the matter.


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