Former NFL star  OJ  Simpson  is  dead

Former NFL star  OJ  Simpson  is  dead.

His  family  confirmed  that  he    succumed  to  his  battle  with  cancer  in   Las  vegas  yesterday  , where he underwent Chemotherapy after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Simpson  who  rose  to  fame  as  a  College  Footballer   before  playing  in  the NFL   was  controvertially  cleared of double murder, in 1995, when he was acquitted of the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown and her  friend  Ron  Goldman   in a trial that gripped America.I

In 2008, he was sentenced to 33 years’ imprisonment on charges of armed robbery  and  was released in 2017.

“O.J. simpson was the first player to reach a rushing mark many thought could not be attained in a 14-game season when he topped 2,000 yards,

Simpson was selected to play in six Pro bowls (1969, 1972-76) and was a first-team All-Pro selection five times (1972-76). 

He was named to the nfl’s all-decade team of the 1970s, the NFL 75th anniversary all-time team and the NFL 100 all-time team.

He  died  at  age  76


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