Former NCB wealth advisor Khadene Thomas to spend 2 years in prison for defrauding customers

Former National Commercial Bank (NCB) employee and wealth advisor Khadene Thomas is to spend 24 months in prison.

The sentence was handed down in the St. Ann Parish Court today by Justice Larona Montaque-Williams.

She sentenced Ms. Thomas to 12 months for 3 counts of larceny as a servant and 24 months for 31 counts of uttering forged documents.

The sentences will run concurrently.

This means Ms. Thomas will be imprisoned for 2 years.

The prosecution contended that between May 2019 and December 2022, Ms. Thomas stole cash from three customers amounting to $74.5 million.

Ms. Thomas was arrested last year January after the transfer of $5 million from a customer’s account sparked an investigation.

During the sentencing, the judge outlined that based on the nature of the offences committed, a suspended sentenced requested by the defence attorney would not be considered an appropriate one.

Defence Attorney Matthew Hyatt expressed disappointment that his client was not given a suspended sentence.

Mr. Hyatt says his client has been compliant since her arrest and it has been of benefit to her during her sentencing.

The court was advised that US$28 thousand was repaid to NCB today and another $70,000 is in the possession of her attorney and will be paid within the next 5 days.

He added that arrangements are being made to complete payments.


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