Former hotel worker protesting against injustices to workers in tourism sector says he is not dismayed by lack of support from fellow employees

Former hotel worker, Matthew Rodney, who was recently dismissed from his job under controversial circumstances says he is not dismayed by this morning’s (July 4) lack of support for a protest in Montego Bay, St James.


Mr Rodney who had called on hotel workers to join in protesting against unfavourable situations in the hotel sector was the only person at the protest.


The protest was staged at the Sam Sharpe Square at 7 AM.


After turning up alone at Sam Sharpe Square, Rodney proceeded to the main gate of the S Hotel, before his protest was discontinued by the police over the lack of a permit.


When asked by IRIE FM news, if he was disheartened by the lack of support Mr Rodney noted that he is not afraid to stand alone.

In highlighting the gravity of the situation which he says hotel workers face, Rodney said his next job will be with a trade union to defend the rights of tourism workers.

Mr Rodney who was clad in his hotel uniform stood with placards highlighting issues such as classism, unpaid overtime, sexual harassment, abuse and disrespect, among other issues in the hotel sector.


Weeks ago, a video went viral on social media with an irate Rodney, as he lashed out at his former employers for firing him.


In the video, he accused the company of racism among other things.


In response, the S Hotel denied the allegations of racial discrimination and unfair dismissal made by Mr Rodney.


The S Hotel accused Mr Rodney of participating in a smear campaign on social media.


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