Former FIFA Vice-president Austin Jack  Warner…….continues to fight extradition

Former  FIFA  Vice-president  and  Concacaf  boss Austin Jack  Warner……………..the  most  wanted  man  in  football  looks set to continue his evasion of extradition to the United  States. 

This  after a Trinidad and Tobago magistrate ruled that he can take his latest challenge of the legality of the extradition order to the Trinidad and Tobago high court.

Warner’s legal team raised seven questions regarding the extradition process in his case……. Chief Magistrate Maria Busby Earle-Caddle said the questions were legally grounded and had merit.

Referring the questions to the high court and its decision, she adjourned the extradition proceedings before her to January  22, 2024.

Top of the list of challenges is an alleged agreement made by former Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi with the US justice department in 2015 ……that was made before he signed off on the Authority for the Chief magistrate to proceed with extradition proceedings.

The US  on  July  24  2015,  asked for Warner to be extradited on 29 charges of fraud, corruption and money laundering as part of the fifa-gate case that the US justice department brought against Footballs  World  Govern  body,  FIFA.



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