Foreign Affairs Minister pledges to explore solutions for a smoother process for Jamaicans abroad who seek to donate to the health sector

Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith has pledged to explore solutions that will ensure a smoother process for Jamaicans abroad, who seek to make donations to the health sector. 

This, amid concern that members of the diaspora are facing difficulties when trying to get their donations into the island. 

Some are perturbed over the high cost of getting these items into the country, despite not paying any funds to source them. 

Addressing the matter during the ‘Let’s Connect with Ambassador Audrey Marks’ virtual forum last evening, Mrs. Johnson-Smith admitted that the donation process can be improved. 

She pointed to the donation process governed by the National Education Trust (NET) which mobilizes financial and quality resource investments in the education sector. 

She said while the process for the education sector is not perfect, NET has done a great job in ensuring a smoother undertaking. 

NET’s model will be considered when improvements for health donations are being implemented. 


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