Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith defends her stewardship of the ministry following calls for her to resign 

Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith has defended her stewardship of the ministry, declaring that Jamaica has a principled and practical foreign policy, which prioritizes the interests of its citizens. 

Her statement follows calls from the Opposition for her to resign. 

The Opposition has cited Jamaica’s failure to vote on a recent resolution, which called for the protection of civilians, and the upholding of legal and humanitarian obligations, in the Palestinian city, Gaza, during its current period of unrest.

The minister explained that consultations did not conclude in time for Jamaica to participate in the vote. 

This explanation did not suppress the calls for Mrs. Johnson-Smith’s resignation, as the Opposition doubled down on its claim that the minister’s office had placed a stain on the history of Jamaica’s foreign policy.

Speaking at a Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) conference in Ocho Rios, St. Ann last evening, Mrs. Johnson-Smith defended her appointment as Jamaica’s first female foreign affairs minister. 

She issued a warning to those who attempt to place the country in a negative light in their bid to hurt the JLP Administration. 


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