Foreign Affairs Minister engages U.S. officials over concerns about Jamaica, following recent upgrading of travel advisory

Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith has engaged United states officials, over concerns about Jamaica, following the upgrading of a travel advisory, on Tuesday.

The advisory warned Americans to reconsider travel to Jamaica citing crime and inadequate medical service.  

In a statement, Mrs. Johnson-Smith expressed concern over the scope and extent of the recently issued travel advisory by the U.S to its citizens, who intend to visit the island.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said she spoke with U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica Nicholas Perry to interrogate issues detailed in the advisory. 

During the meeting, the minister highlighted the significant improvements recorded in security and healthcare and acknowledged the high level of cooperation between Jamaica and the U.S.A to tackle some of the very issues listed.

Mrs. Johnson-Smith expressed hope that when the advisory is reviewed, it will be based on shared information.  

She pointed out that the travel advisory comes after the recent Gallup Survey found Jamaica to be one of the Latin America and Caribbean region’s safest locations for visitors, and that Jamaica continues to welcome an increasing number of tourists, who enjoy safe vacations.  

As at May 2023, Jamaica recorded over 1.5 million visitors to the island.


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