Flash Flood Warning in effect for eastern and central parishes

A Flash Flood Warning is in effect for eastern and central parishes.

The Meteorological Service issued the flood warning for low-lying and flood-prone areas of Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Thomas, St Mary, Portland, St. Catherine, St Ann and Clarendon until 5 p.m. today.

A broad trough across the central Caribbean has been producing a large area of unstable weather across the region including Jamaica since Monday.

This system is expected to remain across the area today, while bringing increased rainfall to Jamaica.

The Met Office says observations indicate that light to moderate and occasionally heavy showers and thunderstorms have been affecting sections of most parishes, especially eastern and central parishes over the last several hours.

The forecast is for periods of showers and thunderstorms to continue affecting sections of most parishes with most of the activities across central and eastern parishes.

Due to rainfall over the past few days and the resulting ground saturation, flooding and landslides are very likely.

Additionally, fishers and other marine interests should exercise caution as sea conditions will deteriorate due to thunderstorms and strong gusty winds.

A Flash Flood Warning means flooding has been reported or will occur shortly.

Motorists and pedestrians should not attempt to cross flooded roadways or other low-lying areas as strong currents are likely. Residents in low-lying areas should be on the alert for rising waters and be ready to move quickly to higher ground.

The Meteorological Service will continue to monitor this system.


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