Five teenagers charged with murder of homeless man

Five teenagers have been charged for the murder of a homeless man who was set on fire in Kingston in August.

Lawmen from the Central Kingston Police Division, found Lionel Johnson, on fire, in the Heroes Circle area, at around 1 am on August 29.

Mr. Johnson later died at hospital.

Irie Fm news understands that the teenagers – two 15 year olds, a sixteen year old and two 17 year olds – were charged after interviews between Tuesday and Wednesday.

CCTV footage reportedly aided the police in identifying the suspects, whose names are being withheld because they are minors.

Minister of Local Government Desmond Mckenzie had offered a reward of 500,000 dollars, for the arrest and charge of those responsible for Mr Johnson’s death.

In a statement today , Mr Mckenzie commended the Kingston Central police, for their work that led to the arrest of the five for the murder of Lionel Johnson.

He added that while he will not comment about the individuals charged, since this is now a matter to be determined in court, he said it is disheartening that five youngsters, are accused of this particularly savage murder of a vulnerable, homeless person.

He said the predatory attacks on homeless people must stop.


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