Fishermen who had been detained in Colombia on allegations of illegal fishing arrived in Jamaica, last evening

The fishermen who had been detained in Colombia on allegations of illegal fishing, arrived in Jamaica, last evening (November 11).


The 33 Jamaicans and 4 Dominicans were picked up by the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard, from the Colombian Coast Guard, during a transfer at sea.


Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, has expressed satisfaction with the efforts made by various Government entities to get the fishermen home.

She said the fishing boat’s owner is expected to refund part of the fuel costs incurred by the Government to facilitate the fishermen’s repatriation.

She reiterated the call for fishermen and boat owners to fish responsibly in Jamaican waters and avoid extending their operations into the territorial waters of neighbouring countries where they risk detention of crew and seizure of vessels.


The Foreign Affairs Ministry will be working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to establish a policy to guide the Government’s approach to similar situations in the future.




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