Fisheries Authority says adequate fish in Rio Cobre but more effort needed to ensure river’s health

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) says there is adequate fish in the Rio Cobre, despite several fish kill incidents in recent months.

However, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NFA, Dr Gavin Bellamy says more efforts are needed to ensure the health of the river.

Last year, the NFA facilitated a fish restocking programme in the Rio Cobre, following a major fish kill.

The restocking was conducted by Windalco as a remedial measure, after it was discovered that the fish kill stemmed from an effluent spill.

Since that restocking, there have been several incidents resulting in fish kills.

The latest happened on Christmas Eve, when a malfunctioning National Water Commission Sewage Plant leaked into the river, causing a minor fish kill.

In light of these occurrences, IRIE FM news asked the NFA CEO whether the fingerlings released in the river last year had matured, or were allowed to reproduce.

This, especially, as many residents depend on the river and fishing to make a living.

Dr Bellamy maintains that although the spills have caused some setback to the fish population, there is sufficient available in the river.

He notes, however, that the NFA continues to monitor the fish stock to see how best it can move forward.


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