Fisher folk impacted by Windalco effluent spill yet to receive compensation

The fisher folk who were impacted by a toxic discharge in the Rio Cobre from Windalco’s effluent holding pond in July, have not yet received the compensation that should have been paid out to them last week.

This, as they did not agree with the terms under which the money was being paid over to them by government.

More than a hundred fisher folk had their livelihoods disrupted, by the effluent spill, in July.

Farmers and others, who depend on the water source, were also impacted.

The compensation of $16 million, which should have been paid last week only covers lost income, for a period of ten days.

The fishers are represented, by local interest group, ‘Friends of Rio Cobre’.

Speaking in an interview with Irie Fm news, ‘Friends of Rio Cobre’ representative, kKstonard Fordon, noted that the fisher folk did not agree to signing an agreement that they believed infringed on their rights.

Mr Gordon noted that the people have submitted a counter-offer.


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