First JPL coaching casualty of 2023-2024 season as Lime Hall and David Pryce sever ties

The  first  coaching  casualty  of  the  2023-2024  Wray  and  Nephew  Jamaica  Premier  League  has  come  after  after  four  match  days.

Newly  promoted  St  Ann  team  Lime  Hall  is  now  without  a  coach  having  parted  company  with  coach  David  Pryce.

Pryce  has  walked  away  after  guiding    the  team  through  three  rounds  of  matches  during  which  they   garnered  one  point.

That  was in their  opening  game  draw  with  Mobay  United  at  Drax  Hall.

They  then  suffered  a  3-1  loss  to  Waterhouse  and  then  went  down  1-nil  to  fellow  promoted  team Treasure  beach.

In the  absence  of  Pryce  yesterday  Lime  Hall  surrendered  a  10th  minute  lead  before drawing  1-all  with  Cavalier.

Lime  Hall  will  next  be  in  action   against  relegation  zone  team  Dunbeholden  in the  first  round  of  midweek  matches  this  season  on  Wednesday.


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