Fire survivor Adrianna Laing to return to the US for more treatment in summer

House fire survivor, Adrianna Laing, will return to the United States in the summer to undergo more treatment.

The teen girl returned to Jamaica on Thursday after spending months at a medical facility in the US, where several surgeries were done as part of her recovery process.

The child is the sole survivor of a fire that claimed the lives of her 3 younger brothers at their home in Westmoreland last year.

The Sanmerna Foundation has been assisting Adrianna, and her father Adrian, since the incident.

Sanmerna project manager Stephen Josephs was with the family when the two arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport on Thursday.

He said Adrianna is to return to the USA for additional reconstructive surgery in June / August.

He appealed for Jamaicans at home and abroad to continue supporting the Laing family.

Meantime, the girls father has expressed appreciation to all who have been helping.

Meantime, while in Jamaica, house fire survivor Adrianna Laing will be staying with her grandmother.

This as a replacement house has not yet been constructed.

Last year, the Laing home in Westmoreland was gutted by fire, resulting in Adrianna suffering severe burns, and the deaths of her 3 younger brothers.

Member of parliament for western Westmoreland, Morland Wilson said effort is being made to have a new home built for Adrianna and her father, under the governments social housing programme.


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