Financial Investigations Division still unable to quantify exact amount defrauded from SSL

The Financial Investigations Division (FID) says at this time, it’s still unable to quantify the exact amount which has been defrauded from all the affected accounts at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).


In a statement, the FID says with respect to Usain Bolt, the sum of his investment has been identified and authenticated.


The agency adds that despite the matter being in the public domain for just over a month, it is still very early in the process and statements continue to be collected and interviews conducted.


The FID states that contrary to reports in some public spaces, Norman Peart cooperated with investigators and was not considered a suspect nor was he treated as such.


Chief Technical Director at the FID, Selvin Hay notes, that the work to unravel this fraud is thorough and includes collaboration with local and international agencies.


Various lines of inquiry are being pursued with a view to identifying all connected parties and bringing them to justice.


He says as the investigation continues investigators will seek to lay additional charges, not only against Ms. Panton, but against other perpetrators.


He adds that investigators have been deliberate and meticulous in the process of verifying and authenticating the information and intelligence received so far,  noting that when the matter is presented in the courts, the submissions must demonstrate clear, irrefutable evidence against all who stand accused.


Prior to charges being laid this morning, Ms. Panton was interviewed by investigators February 14 to 16.  On January 20, searches were conducted on two premises in the corporate area connected to her.


The FID says the search operations were done in the presence of Ms. Panton and her attorney.


This resulted in the seizure of documents and electronic devices to include telephones which, along with other evidence, continue to be thoroughly analysed.


Investigators reiterate that the case is complex for three main reasons: the number and types of accounts affected, the number and types of transactions conducted on the affected accounts and the length of time (over a decade) during which questionable actions were taken against some of the affected accounts.


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