Finance Minister highlights importance of having a pipeline of bankable projects that will incentivize investors to fund major projects

Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke has highlighted the importance of developing countries, like Jamaica, having a pipeline of bankable projects that will incentivize private investors to fund major projects. 

He was speaking at a panel discussion on the topic, ‘Private Sector Mobilization for Climate – Why a pipeline of bankable public private partnerships matters’, hosted by the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, at COP28, in Dubai, yesterday. 

Dr Clarke spoke on the challenges faced by small island developing states in mobilizing project financing for climate adaptation.

He noted that investor participation in an open, competitive PPP tender process, requires a serious commitment to detailed diligence on the legal, fiscal, political, and environmental regimes in Jamaica. 

The minister said through fora like these, and other means, the government is getting the word out, that through its efforts, and with the assistance of multilateral partners, Jamaica is developing a pipeline of bankable PPP projects that can deliver infrastructure development.


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