Finance Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke continues to defend massive increase in salaries of parliamentarians

Finance Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke continues to defend the massive increase in the salaries of parliamentarians.


Dr Clarke announced major increases for members of the political directorate while speaking in Parliament on Tuesday (May 17).


The adjustments were met with heavy public backlash with people citing the ongoing salary issues facing members of the public sector.


The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) has also objected to the massive salary increase, stating that the Government needs to satisfactorily address the issues with civil servant salaries first.


Speaking at the launch of the Ministry’s Public Bodies Database of Prospective Directors this morning (May 18), Dr Clarke argued that while the Government admitted it could not pay billions to public sector workers, that does not mean it cannot afford a couple hundred million for parliamentarians.


According to the Minister, if the increase granted to the political directorate was given to the public sector it would be insignificant.

However, while he defended the increase, Dr Clarke agreed that this increase should be coupled with increased performance by the political directorate.



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